Where and how to learn to draw well? How to become an artist? Moscow Art-studio of Patriarhat for adults and children provides such an opportunity. Master class in Moscow on the drawing, painting, watercolor, batik teaching... The Art-studio holds enrolment all year-round.

There are paintings for sale, as well as graphic drawings and watercolors. Sale of paintings is done through the virtual art gallery. Watercolor painting pictures are presented with a series of high-quality photos.
Study programs for children and adults – designed for students of various level of artistic skills. Each student is approached individually, sufficient time and attention are allocated for the achievement of the set result.

Studies are done in a group under an individual program, compiled after the preliminary interview.

In the context of the individual approach, teacher is set with a non-trivial task – aid the student in achievement of specific, personal aims in the process of study.

Enrollment to groups is done all year round.

Decorative applied arts
History of arts
Color science
Water-color painting

What does a term «The Art-studio of patriarhat...» imply? This is not a faceless and only a profit-oriented institution, that uses standard methods, but an education of a creative personality through an example of a great artist of our time, beneficial communication with the professional, ample opportunity to enjoy his recommendations, advice, the fruits of a unique creative and teaching experience.

Given the age particularities of students from 4 to 10 years of age, the learning process provides for various forms of exercises that include elements of games and competitions, contests for rewards, interesting interviews and fascinating thematic tours, traditional exhibitions with bonus system in the form of art materials, books on art, annual subscriptions to the magazine «Young artist» and a special prize «Painting of the master - winner». Top students will also be invited to participate in the city wide, all Russian and international exhibitions.

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